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You can template the IFRA certificates by using a standard html syntax. Just add  new template under HTML Templates section in settings.

Special variables can be used inside the html template code to utilize information from the formula.

All the variables must be quoted with % symbol.

See bellow available variables:

Template Variables Available in
%LOGO% IFRA, SDS Adds your logo to the document
%BRAND_NAME% IFRA, SDS Adds your brand name
%BRAND_LOGO% SDS Adds your brand logo
%BRAND_ADDRESS% IFRA, SDS Adds your brand’s address
%BRAND_EMAIL% IFRA, SDS Adds your email
%BRAND_PHONE% IFRA, SDS Adds your phone number
%CUSTOMER_NAME% IFRA Adds customer name
%CUSTOMER_ADDRESS% IFRA Adds customer’s address
%CUSTOMER_EMAIL% IFRA Adds customer’s email
%CUSTOMER_WEB% IFRA Adds customer’s website
%PRODUCT_NAME% IFRA Adds product name
%PRODUCT_SIZE% IFRA Adds finished product size in ml
%PRODUCT_CONCENTRATION% IFRA Adds product concentration
%IFRA_AMENDMENT% IFRA Adds the IFRA amendment number you use
%IFRA_AMENDMENT_DATE% IFRA Adds the IFRA amendment release date
%PRODUCT_CAT_CLASS% IFRA Adds the category class of your product
%PRODUCT_TYPE% IFRA Adds the product type
%CURRENT_DATE% IFRA, SDS Adds the current date
%IFRA_MATERIALS_LIST% IFRA Adds materials in formula found under the IFRA scope
%INGREDIENT_NAME% SDS Adds the ingredient name
%CAS% SDS Adds ingredient’s CAS number
%IUPAC% SDS Adds ingredient’s IUPAC
%REACH% SDS Adds ingredient’s REACH number
%EINECS% SDS Adds ingredient’s EINECS (EC)
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